How to Submit

We are currently accepting stories!

Please read the guidelines below. Submissions or questions can be sent to:

What is it?

On Nights Like This” is a comic anthology by survivors of sexual violence. With a focus on high-quality art and storytelling, it provides a venue for survivors to share and connect with one another, as well as a valuable opportunity to educate the public about issues that are often misunderstood. In television shows, movies, comedy acts and even news coverage, sexual violence is played down, glamorized, joked about or misrepresented. An element of blaming the victim is present in almost any discussion.

This book offers a chance for people to hear stories from the survivors themselves, a viewpoint rarely represented elsewhere. We will be tackling subjects such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, violence within the queer community, depression and attempted suicide, childhood sexual abuse, and healing.

We are currently accepting submissions in the form of written scripts.

Accepted scripts will be illustrated by their author, or by one of our artists. Each comic should be approximately 12 pages long.

What to write about?

It’s not necessary to speak directly about your experience. You’re encouraged to approach the subject however you like. Talk about getting over it. Talk about not getting over it. Talk about how it affects everything in your life, or how you don’t let it. Look at it sideways, backwards, close up with a microscope or from a long distance. Talk about depression, anxiety, self-harm. Or don’t. Talk about being helped by someone or helping someone else. Speak euphemistically, or be brutally blunt. Tell us a story – however you want to.


We’re looking for a narrative told in a series of sequential images. Usually comics involve a combination of words and pictures, but there are also many ‘silent’ comics that tell a story without any text.


  • You’re welcome to work in a pair or as a group.
  • You’re welcome to write under a pen name.
  • We will accept work that has been previously published.
  • All submissions remain the intellectual property of artists and/or writers.

Only a selection of submitted work will be printed, but all will be read with respect and confidentiality. You will be contacted by email if your story has been accepted.