Who are we?

Mara Sternberg (Editor)

Mara is a Toronto-based comic artist and author, and a freelance illustrator. She also moonlights as an erotic life-model, tattoo designer and paste-up graffiti artist.

Mara’s comics have been published in several anthologies including Descant; Side A: The Music Lover’s Anthology; and Sequential: Canadian Comics News & Culture. She has exhibited at numerous shows including The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts Festival in New York, and is currently working on a collection of her own comics.

Mara lives in Kensington Market with her mutt River and her cat Tom Waits. Her art can be seen at www.steeltoedblues.com and on Facebook.

Kate Taylor (Fundraising and development)

Kate has been a regular features writer for Shameless magazine, and was a writer and editor-in-chief of Arthur Newspaper. She was also a writer and editor of “If I had a Hammer,” a project documenting the experiences of women in the skilled trades.

Kate has worked as a Programming Manager at Trent Radio, and hosted ‘Riding the Third Wave,’ a radio show playing riot grrl, queercore and chick rock.

Over the past several years, Kate has worked as a speaker and educator with TransMission, an organization which provides education, advocacy and support with Peterborough’s transgender community. This has involved working with social service organizations to promote basic trans awareness and increasing organizational accessibility.